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One of the most descended metropolises of Brazil; Sao Paulo is blessed with classic architecture, varied gastronomy, theaters, shopping districts, museums and parks. Treacherous weather and serene climatic conditions all year round do a lot to magnetize tourists again and again towards the city and promotes the tourism industry to the great extend. Due to its diversified infrastructure, and will make you feel some kind of cultural shock, but in a positive way. This greenest city of the nation is constellated with more than 30 park lands which gives a tranquil surrounding to it.

Sao Paulo flights are the best way to rich here and experience the cities natural beauty, charm, culture and hospitality. Sao is said to be a compact version of Globe at just a one stop. Often compared with the New York City, this metropolis offers endless choices when it comes to nightlife. Pubs, Bars, night clubs and 24*7 opened restaurants do marvels to make you feel fantastic at dark. The city is considered as the core of financial activities in Brazil and business is something which runs as a life blood in the city. Thus it is not surprising that this metropolis is a domicile to many major Brazilian industries and is a hub of business in Brazil.

If you are a culturally tended descender, then Sao Paulo is a perfect place for you to descend. Scattered with plenty of museums demonstrating the countries arts, culture and past gives a detailed outline about how antiquated this city is. Versatile aquariums, edifice, Jardim Zoologico, Botanical Gardens, Ibirapuera and lakes are the sites, which can be visited by you during your leisure trip to the city.

Sao Paulo is a transnational city, and so is its cuisine variety. One can’t even think of the list of items that restaurants here serve to the food freaks.  Shopping is the most popular activity hither. Shopaholics can dig into the sheer pleasure of what shopping is all about, from local handicraft material to designer clothes from pricy boutique, browse and purchase according to your budget. Plan up your next vacations to Sao Paulo and immerse yourself in the fun that this city serves with.

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Welcome to Sao Paulo

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This article was published on 2012/01/04