Tramway Restaurant – Classiest Meals on Wheels in the World

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Even though a cosmopolitan city spirit is gaining a foothold, Christchurch is a place with an interesting conservative character that has stood the tests of time. Known as the Gateway to Antarctica after the expeditions that geared up from Christchurch, the city still has a strong presence of its English heritage given to it by the founding fathers in the Canterbury Association, which is evident in terms of places and buildings. Among these grand reminders is the Christchurch tramway, which has found a new life thanks to the ingenuity of some of the city's residents as the Tramway Restaurant.

Today, the Tramway Restaurant of Christchurch has become a star attraction of the city. Literally dining inside a time capsule; which is a lovingly refurbished classic tram car, 36 guests are treated to an all round tour of the city along the old tramway of Christchurch as they dine. It is an easy way to explore the sights of Christchurch in comfort and luxury, and what's more; since the tram goes round in quite an expansive path, you can get down at any place you like and go exploring the city on foot after enjoying your fine meal in the tram.

This moving piece of history departs from the tram station at Cathedral Junction in the heart of the city, and treats the guests to marvellous sights of Christchurch and mouth watering culinary magic as it completes the trip in its slow, grand pace. Since the Tramway Restaurant is a traveller's favourite, booking early is a wise thing to do if you don't want to miss this remarkable trip. The best thing is that the Tramway Restaurant lights up into action in the evening, so it will be the perfect place for a classy dinner which also gives you a night out in this timeless city at the same time.

As for places to stay, you will find that Christchurch New Zealand hotel facilities are top of the line and competitive, with many good hotels within walking distance from the Cathedral Junction; very helpful when you're staying in the city and planning to ride the night out in style at the Tramway Restaurant. A Good Hotel in Christchurch is a classy experience of its own kind, like the Copthorne Hotel Christchurch Central. With a good place to tuck in at night, there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy the southern wonder of New Zealand, but remember that your tale of Christchurch will not be complete with a perfect night out chugging along the old tramway in the Tramway Restaurant.

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Tramway Restaurant – Classiest Meals on Wheels in the World

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This article was published on 2010/12/17