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Oklahoma City is the County seat of Oklahoma County and is the capital and the largest city in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City is

31st largest, by population, in the US. Oklahoma City's city limits extend into Pottawatomie, Cleveland, and Canadian

counties, although many of these areas are suburban or rural. Oklahoma City is the 8th largest city, by land area, in the US.

If you want to find a job in Oklahoma City you need to look in the Oklahoma City classifieds. Regardless if you're looking

for a long lasting career, something part time, starting out brand new or just breaking in the classifieds is the place to

look for a job. However, in addition to looking in the classifieds here are some other ways to find jobs in Oklahoma City,

using the resources and listings that are necessary in order to find one of the best jobs in Oklahoma City.

Be Prepared: Prior to even beginning your search for a job in Oklahoma City, ensure that you're ready for the process. You

need to have your interview skills polished, and your cover letters and resumes ready at a minimum. Finding a job in the

classifieds is only the first step.

Networking: Make sure you connect with your contacts. Although you can always search on the Oklahoma City classifieds, there

are some Oklahoma City jobs that are not always advertised. Networking on the Internet can open many new opportunities in

this regard.

Check out the Job Search Engines: While you are monitoring your networking opportunities and career or personal contacts for

jobs in Oklahoma City, one of the best place for listings other that the classifieds is an online job search engine.

Classifieds: Obviously, the Internet has opened up the job search possibilities considerably, but the Oklahoma City

classifieds are still an important part of the search for jobs in Oklahoma City.

Check Local Resources: In addition to the classifieds there are other classifieds that are available for finding jobs in

Oklahoma City. For instance, Oklahoma Job Link features many of the Oklahoma City employers as does the OklahomaJobs.com. In

addition, the state has job listings on the Internet and the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission also has a tool for

searching for jobs.

Contact Local Companies Directly: Lastly, in addition to contacting companies in Oklahoma City through the Oklahoma City

classifieds don't be afraid to contact companies directly when searching for a job in Oklahoma City.

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Oklahoma City Classifieds

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This article was published on 2010/09/15