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New York is perhaps the most famous city in America. It is worldly known as the Big Apple and also recognized as Gotham City. New York is a global leader for business, commerce, finance, entertainment, culture, fashion and art. With its population, nonstop traffic and dynamic people, the city is famously known as the City That Never Sleeps.

Big Apple is located at the orifice of Hudson River. Geographically, the city lies in the Southern part of Atlantic Coast of North-Eastern America. It consists of five major regions namely Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan. Every region has its distinct features from one another.

Moreover, New York is considered as the most unique of all American cities. With its diverse population, 36% were born outside the US, and about 170 various languages are spoken. The multinational diversity in the city allows tourists to feel a sense of home in specific areas. Thus, learning about the different cultures and ethnicities are a hundred percent probable within the city.

Consequently, Gotham City has been considered as one of the numerous tourist spots around the world. Today, a large number of foreigners visit the city in different times of the year. The New York travel guide showcases several worthy sights found in the city such as Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, Central Park, Times Square, Broadway Theatres, United Nations Headquarters, Grand Central Terminal, Lincoln Center, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, and much more to see. Hence, New York has the most famous and largest architectures in the world. Thus, people from all walks of life visit this very popular place on earth.

During holidays, the city is an overwhelming place for various activities. Food and fine dining, shopping, or anything under the sun is possibly packaged in the entire city. And so, people, entrepreneurs, and business establishments consistently prepare for the arrival of tourists. Furthermore, cheap New York hotels are extensive, but not likely during peak seasons. However, the internet is the best way to access such cheap hotels especially for budget-conscious travelers. There is an array of online booking sites that will help tourists in search of reasonable accommodations in the busiest city of the planet.
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New York Travel Information Guide With Cheap Hotels

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This article was published on 2010/11/10