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Nature has a lot to offer to the human race although humans are slowly eliminating this by occupying and destroying natural environments that hold great value and spectacular scenes. It is always amazing to visit untouched natural habitations such as the Grand Canyon or the Barrier Reef of aquatic amazing life. It is therefore everybodys responsibility to keep natural habitations just that.Spain is one of countries you can visit to have a glimpse at nature at its best. All you have to do is dress for the weather and get a hold of a camera for those breathtaking scenes and for memories sake. You will find that most natural habitations that are major tourist attraction have hotels for accommodation making your stay very easy and convenient.

Places to visit

Spain offers a variety of natural options for you. From the national Parks to the reserves and museums, you will have everything you need. There are also plenty of sports to take up on your trip that will make it quite enjoyable.Toledo is a city worth checking out. Situated on a mountaintop it has full Spanish classic charm that has been untouched by influences from outside. The city has middle aged streets that will make you feel like you have gone back in time although modern characteristics are slowly taking root for convenience purposes.

Granada is also a wonderful city when in Spain. You will have a taste of both architecture and Spanish nightlife here. It has a wide variety of monuments, resorts and mountains that will definitely blow you away with their beauty.Tenerife city is the largest island in Canary and you will have all the island fun you can think of here. You will have the pleasure to see botanical gardens, seawater pools and mountains to climb. Expect to do lots of shopping from the wonderful shopping malls around as well as enjoy the best nightlife activities available.Marbella town has beautiful resorts by the beach.

This is a perfect romantic gateway for honeymooners or lovers who want to have some private wonderful time.It is commonly referred to as the rich people playground since it has been visited by a great number of celebrities around the world. The coastlines and the weather here is just wonderful. Another city worth visiting is Palma. This stylish city is located off Spains coast. It can be termed as a combination of both city life and natural island beauty. Visit the cathedrals and museums and take hikes and cruises across the island for a time of your life.

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Natural Wonders Of Spain

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