It May Be The Third Largest City In Australia But It Is Number On To Vacationers

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Brisbane is the third largest city in Brisbane and yet it is rapidly becoming one of the hottest tourist areas in the region. Many believe that it because it is scaled down a little from the larger cities of Melbourne and Sydney, however when you look at it's location in reference to other areas of the Queensland , it is evident that this city just provides tourists with more.

More than just good food and the nightlife of a big city or the infinite number of cultural events and happenings is what lies beyond the city limits. To the north is the region's most beautiful Sunshine Coast. The incredible beach area has much to offer tourists and is only about 45 minutes from the city.

Public transportation makes it easy, even for those who have not rented a vehicle, take a bus or a train to this beautiful region for a day or even for a weekend. Here visitors will find some of the most amazing tourist attractions like the Big Pineapple and the Bli Bli Castle. These unique attractions add to the draw of this area and in conjunction with the lazy atmosphere of the region and incredible white sand beaches it offers an incredible escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

South of Brisbane, a little 'farther then the Sunshine Coast is the beautiful Gold Coast. In this region tourists will find hot spots such as Surfers Paradise which is a region full of more traditional amusement parks like Wet and Wild Aussie World and will be able to ride and play all day. A trip to this region most likely require a hire car, but the view when traveling in this region, makes the unit a very useful.

Of course, within the city limits there are many wonderful attractions and adventures to behold such as climbing the Storey Bridge and getting to overlook the lovely city at any hour of the day or night. There are also cultural events, museums, and performances to keep entertained on the evenings spent in this incredible city. Overall, Brisbane stands out as one of the tourist hot spots in Australia, very simply because it is a place that is not only a fully functioning city but also one that is surrounded by all the natural beauty that this region is best known for. Brisbane provides visitors with an eclectic experience and that is something that Melbourne and Sydney very simply don't offer.

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It May Be The Third Largest City In Australia But It Is Number On To Vacationers

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This article was published on 2011/02/21