Galich - the city by the lake

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The city of Galich stretched for several kilometers along the southern shore of Lake Galich, which the entire life of the city is closely related to. Low-lying shore is gradually rising, moving away from the city to the high hills, built up mainly new buildings. Old center is located at some distance from the lake and is just a few streets, built up with stone and stone-timbered houses of the last century. Through the entire city a road to the north and to Chuhloma Soligalich passes, where you can get just passing through Galich.

Along the lake the rural houses stretch and the inhabitants of which in fact lead rural lifestyle. In winter and summer their favorite pastime is the fishing. In the winter they go on the ice to the other shore of the lake, and in the summer use boats. Caught fish immediately are sold on the market. Today, the fish is the ability to feed their families at a time when, urban industry is in ruins. On the southern edge of Galich railroad passes, behind which stands a fairly high mountain.

The Pasiy Monastery is located on Mount, from which a beautiful view opens and you can see many streets, learn some of the buildings. Here, for example, there is a local history museum. It shares one building with the town library. In its small exhibition the layout of the ancient city draws attention, the center of which was a little east of the modern city. This place is now filled with new buildings. To get to the monastery, you have to move on Lenin Street, cross the railroad and go up the hill.

You will not see that the church and the surrounding area surrounded by a wooden fence. Inside, several nuns and workers perform repair work. The nuns set inimical to any visitors, so that it is better to refrain from the visit. There are dilapidated churches on the surrounding hills which look like watchtowers. If you want to learn more about Russian cities visit my blog.

In Soviet times, in the city the entire neighborhoods of typical houses were rebuilt and monuments were erected. Before the agricultural school there is a tractor. Before the plant crane equipment stands a monument to the tap on the cone-shaped granite base on which there is an enormous stylized nut. The most pleasant places there are at the center of the city.

There are 19th-century shopping arcade, white stone houses of the same period there, located on the hillside, the church, market and already more recent building of red brick create a cozy atmosphere. But if you will move away from the square on any of a number of streets adjacent to it, the situation changes immediately. Most of the houses are not in the best condition. However, the city is worth to make a stop here and spend a few hours.

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Galich - the city by the lake

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Galich - the city by the lake

This article was published on 2013/07/11