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When we speak of Panama City, it is a good idea to remove some confusion first. This is the capital city of the country of Panama, not a city within the United States of America. Although they have a common name, these are two different places.

In Spanish, the city is called Ciudad de Panama, and it is the symbol of the whole country. This is largely because it is the center of administrative, economic and political functions of Panama. Panama City is a well developed place that is popular for its high rise buildings and breathtaking skyline. It has a population of about one million people.

Panama City was established in 1519. However, in 1671, pirates led by Henry Morgan attacked the city and burnt it down. The Trans Continental Railroad was built in 1845. Together with the Panama Canal, the railroad enhanced trade from different places.

If you would like to take a vacation in Panama City, you should preferably plan your visit between December and May, if you want to avoid the wet season. However, if you do not mind the wet season and want to avoid the peak tourist seasons and higher expenses related to them, you can still plan your vacation at a different time of the year. No matter when you visit Panama City, there are special things you will enjoy. The natural resources here have a special appeal whether it is during the wet or dry season.

The things that you can see during your visit are so many that you will have to make a choice of where to go. One of the best destinations is Old Panama or Panama La Vieja. You will have the chance to learn a lot about the country's history and see some of the items from its past. You will see the ruins of the former city that the pirates razed to the ground. Among the ruins is the Tower that is still the country's symbol.

On the northern side of Panama City are a number of national parks, where you can see some unique plants and special wildlife.

One of the things that make Panama unique is its rich cultural diversity, and you can see this from Casco Antigua, which has been declared as one of the World Heritage Sites. You will notice the diversity in different places and forms, including the architectural designs.

There are many other places that you can visit during your Panama City vacation. Some of the special places are:

- Las Bovedas (the Vaults ) is a special esplanade extending up to the Pacific Ocean

- Museo del Canal Interoceanico, which means Interoceanic Canal Museum

- Teatro Nacional

- Plaza de la Catedral

- Palacio de las Garzas, the presidential palace

You will also see the diversity of cultures from its various restaurants. From the cuisine to a variety of features, you will have the opportunity to enjoy different cultures within one place. The cultural diversity comes from the city's significance as a trade center.
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