Antiquity of Malaga City

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Malaga City in Spain is called the Capital of the Costa del Sol with about 560,000 inhabitants. Located in the south of Alicante, this is the second largest city of Andalusia and is famous for its pasas (raisins) and also their first-class tasteful wines.

Malaga’s rich history has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations. Around 770 BC the Phoenicians colonized Malaga and made it the epicenter for salting fishes. After the Phoenicians, the Greeks came along but their rule did not last long as the Carthaginians took over the colony not long afterwards. It was during 218 BC that the Romans inhabited Malaga and pushed out the Carthaginians. During this period, the industry and the structures of the city were developed. The theater that was constructed in Alcazaba’s hills is one of the edifices built during Roman rule for which Malaga City has become famous.

In 711 AD, it was the time for the Arabs to rule the city and they named the place Al-Andalus. Barter and trade bloomed during this time as there were many people from different cultures that travelled to the city for commerce. The seaport played a vital role in the exchange of goods, making Malaga City a very prosperous town during this era. After Arab rule ended, the Christian forces ruled the city. It was during this period that the work of building Malaga Cathedral was begun by Diego Siloe and Pedro Lopez but due to lack of funds, construction finally ceased in 1783.

Tourism on the Costa del Sol reached its height in 1960. More infrastructure such as train and bus connections, a ferry service to Morocco and the Malagas international airport were built to facilitate travel and tourism in the city. Another great place to visit is the Picasso Museum named after Pablo Picasso, the world-famous artist from this city. His exemplary contribution in the field of arts and architecture has made the city more interesting and enjoyable for tourists.

Malaga, being a historical and ancient area in Spain, was popularized because of the richness of its heritage and culture. While walking around the city, the history is very evident. Visitors will be enticed to learn what transpired during those times that led to the creation of the city scene in the present, right in front of their eyes. It is not only the history that Malaga is all about. There is still more to this city that sightseers can discover.

As Malaga is situated on the wonderful Costa del Sol, visitors will get to encounter and be enchanted by some of its stunning beaches with its great watersports amenities and the best cuisine in the house. For tourists who are fond of the nightlife, there are bars and restaurants that provide the finest in entertainment and pleasure.

Journey to the city of Malaga and find out that the time spent here is worth the experience and the discoveries. Enjoy and be educated in the process!

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Antiquity of Malaga City

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This article was published on 2011/08/29