An Insight into Estepona

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The earliest remnants discovered in Estepona belonged to the Neolithic, Copper and Bronze epoch.

History of Estepona

The earliest remnants discovered in Estepona belonged to the Neolithic, Copper and Bronze epoch. Between the many Phoenician and Roman occupants, the Guadalmansa Estuary is worth mentioning and it perhaps belonged to the Roman city of Salduna.

Estebbuna town began in the 10th C under the sovereignty of the Caliphate of Córdoba. After the war between King Henry IV of Castille’s troops and muslims in 1456, it was totally ruined. The Catholic rulers rebuilt the walls at the start of the 16 C since Estepona was strategically positioned; they ruled with 30 homes and that is how the population grew.

Due to population intensification in 1559, it was sold to Marbella until 1729 under authority, when Philip V gave the town its licence. The population increased successfully after that and is still increasing.

The City of Estepona

Located on the Western Coast, habitual differences are sustained. Despite being located at the front of the shoreline, it is largely in the interior of Bermejo Saw. Saw is purely beautiful and the fir forest tops it all, hence Andalusia is known as the Natural Place. Estepona is characterised by different people.

Due to astounding beaches, class of amenities and numerous services, the city attracts many tourists. The major testimonials are the Church of the Virgin of the Remedies, Tower of the Clock, lordly places and Marquess of Mondejar. For sports; there are fabulous facilities plus an opportunity to learn golf.

Visiting Estepona is of value over the festival times. They celebrate many fiestas, every single one of them with dynamism identifying Andalucia. Feria is the major one and is celebrated in the middle of August.

Holidays inclusive of everything are the best to reserve. They are cheap and effortless.

Seeing Spain from Estepona is amazing if you are touring around on train from Malaga to Barcelona. The way will lead you to the heart of Spain prior to approaching the Mediterranean Sea. While in Barcelona remember to tour the Parc Guell, for the authentic art of Gaudi. Getting entry in hotel Barcelona is easy. Most of the hotels are at the core of the city whilst only some are situated at the airport. Community transport is well managed, underground and buses crossing every part of the city.
It is a whole package of stuff to do and places to tour in Estepona. Consult your Estepona hotel or stop at the local tourism office for advice.

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An Insight into Estepona

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An Insight into Estepona

This article was published on 2011/10/29